Created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 37

NOTE: Download the desktop version if you are having problems with the WebGL version (Chrome preferred).


You are a dwarf who got stuck in a dark cave.

Using nothing but your helmet and mining tools, you must try to find the cave's exit while dealing with the native dwarves who inhabit it, as well as avoiding its natural hazards.


  • Navigate your way through a procedurally-generated cave using nothing but your helmet's light to see!
  • Follow somewhat ambiguous directions in order to find the exit!
  • Dig tunnels with your faithful Electric Drill-It!
  • Kill enemies and blast your way through the terrain with your Rock-It Launcher!
  • 3 enemy types that kill you
    • The Bomber - shoots rockets that kill you
    • The Miner - throws pickaxes that kill you
    • The Mole - kills you with his bare hands
  • Environmental hazards
    • Cave-ins - triggered periodically, they block your path
    • Lava - spawned by cave-ins, it flows fast and kills you on touch
  • Explosions increase the chance of cave-ins, so don't abuse your Rock-it Launcher!


  • WASD / Left Thumbstick - Moves the player
  • Arrow keys / Right Thumbstick - Shoots the Rock-it Launcher
  • Move towards a wall - Activates the Electric Drill-it
  • ESC / Start button - Opens the Instructions/Pause screen



UPDATE 1 (v0.1, 2016-12-28)

  • Improvements
    • Added builds for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows (32-bit) and WebGL
    • Added gamepad support
    • Slightly better enemy sprites
    • Added new sound effects for the drilling, shooting, and dig actions (for enemies too)
    • Added an instructions/pause screen
    • Added the ability to quit and restart the game
  • Fixes
    • Enemy animations now work correctly
    • The camera is now limited to the bounds of the level

LD37 (v0.0 - 2016-12-12)

  • Original, raw, unfiltered, unfixed and unpolished submission version
  • The origin of life as we know it


Dwarfsplosion (Win64) [UPDATE 1] 13 MB
Dwarfsplosion (Win32) [UPDATE 1] 11 MB
Dwarfsplosion (Linux) [UPDATE 1] 26 MB
Dwarfsplosion (Mac) [UPDATE 1] 26 MB
Dwarfsplosion (Win64) [LD37] 13 MB

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