Flatland is a minimalist-styled real-time strategy game created for Ludum Dare 38.


  • Left click on a friendly structure to select it
  • Scroll the mouse wheel to choose the percentage of citizens that will be moved (25/50/75/100)%
  • With a structure selected:
    • Right click on another structure to command your citizens to occupy it, or
    • Right click on the selected structure to open the upgrade menu

Instructions / Tutorial

As there is no in-game tutorial, one will be provided right here.

If you're not familiar with this style of strategy game, the objective is simply to eliminate the opponent by capturing their structures with your units, while defending your own structures. In this game mode, a player loses when their total population is zero.

Structures are captured when their population count reaches 0 during an attack.

There are 2 types of structures:

  • Habitation: Generates citizens over time. These are critical to increase your total population.
  • Defense: Shoots at enemy citizens passing nearby, but doesn't generate any citizens.

Each structure has 3 upgrade levels which, upon activation, will consume a certain amount of citizens. Structures can also be converted to another type (paying the base cost). The upgrade menu looks like this:


For reference, the stats for each upgrade are described in the tables below.

Habitation Structures

frame_photo | Upgrade | Cost | Citizen Generation Rate | Max. Population |
Level 1 | Level 1 (Camp) | 10 | 2 seconds / citizen | 30 |
Level 2 | Level 2 (Village) | 15 | 1.5 seconds / citizen | 40 |
Level 3 | Level 3 (City) | 20 | 1 second / citizen | 60 |

Defense Structures

frame_photo | Upgrade | Cost | Rate of Fire |
Level 1 | Level 1 (Outpost) | 10 | 1 second / shot |
Level 2 | Level 2 (Tower) | 20 | 0.8 seconds / shot |
Level 3 | Level 3 (Fort) | 30 | 0.6 seconds / shot |

The original version will only receive critical bug fixes. All other updates will be uploaded as separate post-jam versions.


LD38.1 (2017-04-25)

  • Fixed gameplay-critical bug where the mouse cursor texture was appearing as gibberish
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Made withUnity
TagsLow-poly, Ludum Dare 38, Real time strategy
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


Flatland LD38.1 (Windows) 16 MB
Flatland LD38.1 (Linux) 36 MB
Flatland LD38.1 (Mac) 33 MB


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i would like to see higher levels of AI the current gets too easy after a while

even tho game is ded