A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Originally created for Ludum Dare 36.

I've decided to continue this project. The concept is being recreated from the ground up and the first pre-alpha prototype will be uploaded here as soon as the initial gameplay, graphics and UI are done.

The game's description and gameplay presented here will remain for the time being but will change when the new version is uploaded.


This is a simulation/management game where you rebuild your ship and explore a procedurally generated galaxy for resources.

Your objective is to research the ancient artifact to its completion (100%) and keep the oxygen levels above 0. Each crew member consumes oxygen and carbon (aka food) periodically.

When harvesting planets, there is a small chance find new crew members or lose existing ones. New crew members will be assigned a random role (Builder, Scientist or Harvester). Scientists will automatically consume silicon to advance the artifact research progress.

Click the 'HELP' button for more information.

NOTE: You cannot interact with the crew screen or reassign roles, and the ship building is purely cosmetic.

This entry was inspired by Dwarf Fortress, EVE Online, Aurora and Prison Architect.


  • Oxygen - Needed for crew survival
  • Carbon - Used as food (if depleted, oxygen consumption increases)
  • Silicon - Consumed by scientists to advance research
  • Iron - Needed to build tiles
  • Hydrogen - Used as fuel for jumping between stars


    • Right-click and middle click: Drag camera
    • Scroll wheel: Zoom camera
    • Left-click on a planet on the "planet survey" list: Harvest planet
    • Activate by clicking the button on the lower left of the 'Mothership' screen
    • Left click: place tile
    • Left clicking on a star sets a new destination


- Added sounds
- Added help screen
- Doubled fuel efficiency, for some reason


MOTHERSHIP [LD36-v1.1] 12 MB
MOTHERSHIP [LD36-v1.1] 23 MB
MOTHERSHIP [LD36-v1.1] 25 MB

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